Mimi (x_mimioreo) wrote in harvested,

Help?! >_

Hi! I'm new to the community, and I hate to start off with a question, but I need help!
I'm playing A wonderful life right now and the only other game I played was the one for GBA.
Well... I have a few questions... >__<...
  • MAINLY THIS ONE!! I was playing and I'm in year 1 summer, and in the middle my character started frowning... It's the second time I've played, cause the first time i played Wonderful Life, I messed up and he was frowning all the time. Well just a few "days" ago he was having the happy dreams. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere! 
  • HOW DO YOU MAKE HIM STOP FROWNING! I've been feeding him... Am I using the horse too much and lowering his stamina or something? Someone hlep me >_<

    * And I'm wondering how much money I should have by the end of summer year 1 if I bought 2 chickens and a star female cattle. I'm very poor right now, and I'm not sure if I should sell the food I plant or keep it to make recipies....
    (and why do they grow so slow anyway?! I can only get one crop from every seed every season)

    Ok so that ends my noob questions. Sorry it's so long, and sorry for joining the community just to ask a question. Well, thanks ^^;


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I wonder if anyone will be here to read this o_O... and I've read most of the gamefaq articles btw.