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[28 Apr 2009|12:00am]

Hi I'm new.

When I was younger I remember playing Harvest Moon on the computer. I played nothing else. Well that computer is long gone and I've been forever searching for Harvest Moon for PC. Does anyone have it or know a place I can get it?

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TOT Fanfic [25 Jan 2009|04:21pm]

Hi everyone~ :D
I started a new fanfic on ff.net a few weeks ago called Velvet Skin. [:


It's based on TOT and please read if you're interested. :D

I love reviews. ( > .<) :D So review please if you like it. ( ; o;) <3

Help?! >_ [01 Jan 2009|11:10pm]

Hi! I'm new to the community, and I hate to start off with a question, but I need help!
I'm playing A wonderful life right now and the only other game I played was the one for GBA.
Well... I have a few questions... >__<...
  • MAINLY THIS ONE!! I was playing and I'm in year 1 summer, and in the middle my character started frowning... It's the second time I've played, cause the first time i played Wonderful Life, I messed up and he was frowning all the time. Well just a few "days" ago he was having the happy dreams. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere! 
  • HOW DO YOU MAKE HIM STOP FROWNING! I've been feeding him... Am I using the horse too much and lowering his stamina or something? Someone hlep me >_<

    * And I'm wondering how much money I should have by the end of summer year 1 if I bought 2 chickens and a star female cattle. I'm very poor right now, and I'm not sure if I should sell the food I plant or keep it to make recipies....
    (and why do they grow so slow anyway?! I can only get one crop from every seed every season)

    Ok so that ends my noob questions. Sorry it's so long, and sorry for joining the community just to ask a question. Well, thanks ^^;


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[16 Aug 2008|02:05pm]

We're interested in obtaining a group of HM roleplayers for our new game. Characters from any version are welcome to be app'd, but we have a special want for HM64/BTN girls. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Cut to spare the uninterestedCollapse )
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[03 Apr 2007|06:44pm]


Hi!, my name is Taryn (f)
i am sort of new to the game and really new to the community

i have a wonderful life for gamecube
im in my second year (even tho i still dont know what im doing)

well ill probaby post more stuff llater, but does anyone have any advice?

ANYTHING is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Harvest Moon Blogcrew~ [18 Mar 2007|12:47pm]


Go! Go! Go!
Currently we have all the human characters from HMDS up for grabs!
So hurry and claim your character before they're all gone <3

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New stamping community [10 Feb 2007|11:39am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey everyone, I just made a brand new stamping community for Harvest Moon! Come take a look!

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[04 Jan 2007|02:55am]

Hello everyone!
Got some icons!

[10] Harvest Moon
[4] Vermillion Pleasure Nights - Cathy's House
[6] Miyavi
[6] Tatsurou & Yukke 
[3] Rainbow Sketch
[2] Youjeen
[2] Calvin & Hobbes

Please Credit when Taken!

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Harvest Moon EuroGamer Interview [08 Sep 2005|08:00am]
EuroGamer has posted an interview with Harvest Moon’s Yasuhiro Wada. Nothing really interesting, but it does mention some things about the PSP and DS versions.
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[02 Aug 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey! ^_____^ it's such a plesure to be here. I'm Rikky, and I'm a BIG Harvest Moon fan. I've got all the games, except the SNES and GBA ones. Actually I have Friends of Mineral Town...but thats beside the point.

I'm here to help if you get stuck anywhere. It would also be cool if I could find a HM icon. Those are pretty rare and hard to find...could anyone hook me up with a site that gives teh icons? :3 pretty please?

I'm also planning on starting a community. A Harvest Moon RPG. I don't want to start it until I know that people will join...so if you want to join, reply to this post.

Currently I'm playing Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. Although it is better than the original AWL, HM 64 still ranks top. That game just has something other games can't do, na? I like yaoi and yuri, so I support JackxCliff. I support alot of things. XD

They're coming out with three more Harvest Moon Titles.

Harvest Moon: Song of Happiness (GCN)
Harvest Moon: Online (PC)
Harvest Moon _____ (totally forgot the name) (DS)

When I figure out more I'll get more info to yall about it.

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Newbieness [29 Jul 2005|09:32pm]

Hey guys.

I just joined.

I got hooked on HM when I started renting the SNES game. When HM64 came out, I happily rented it, before receiving it for Christmas. I then bought an early gameboy version, AWL and FOMT. Although I haven't bought many of the games, Harvest moon is still easily my favorite game.

Question: For HM64, who's your favorite girl? I, surprisingly, like Maria. I feel sorry for her because she has to marry Harris, the Luigi look-alike mailman.

Happy days. =3
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OMG [14 Jun 2005|09:07am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

i, after many years of searching, have obtained Harvest Moon 64. It was and has been my white whale and i finally speared it. it was elusive and there was no way i'd pay 90 bucks for it on e-bay. Electronics Boutique had it USED, very little damaged (plays extremely well), for only 21 bucks.

i am to say the least, very happy.

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I'm back :D [13 Jun 2005|04:38pm]

I'm backkk :)
Yes this year was extremly busy, and I'm serious too. This is my last week until summer, so then I'll probably be able to be at the community more. So, hopefully everyone has heard about the new Harvest moon games coming up. If you dont have a clue what I am talking about go to www.hmfarm.com and I'm sure they can give you tons of information on all the new HM games.
So thank you guys for all sticking with this community even though we havent been around hardely.
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Harvest Moon Plushie Happiness [13 Jun 2005|01:27pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I called my local EB about the new Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. It's like A Wonderful Life, but you play a girl instead of a boy. Ne'ways, they didn't offer the plushie puppie here in Canada, so I ordered it from the site instead to get him. They did offer me an extra cow they had left as my pre-order bonus (left from pre-ordering A Wonderful Life) but I really wanted the dog. But I just called them back and asked if it might be possible to buy a cow... and they said I can just HAVE it. They took my name and I'm going in asap to pick her up.


So now I'll have both. Murr. <3

~ x-posted

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*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* [25 May 2005|05:33pm]


Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town


Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life with Bonus!

>ish going to pre-order this weekend<

~ X-posted
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Hello everyone! [11 Feb 2005|12:04am]

[ mood | ^_^ ]

I just joined - I'm Waura - anyways - I'm obsessed with Harvest Moon for the Cube. (I keep accounting records XDDDD)

I'm going to borrow the 64 version from my Finnja friend, because he borrowed one of my Mega Man X games for the SNES.

But anyways - I'm looking for a really good fanfic - because I'm pseudo writing one of my own (I haven't written fan fiction since my really bad Sailor Moon obsession).

Anyways - I hope this'll be fun XD ttyl!

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[17 Jan 2005|08:30pm]


I just wanted to advertise about a community I made recently... yes, it is about Harvest Moon. ^^ LOL, it's the Anti Harvest Moon Mary-Sues community, and you can find it at http://www.livejournal.com/~hm_marysues. For those of you that are interested, please join! The more members we get, the more Mary-Sues we can wipe out from the face of the Internet!
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prince_marth here. [11 Jan 2005|01:09pm]

Just a name change. But I thought I'd give my notes on all three new Harvest Moon's. I have all three now. A Wonderful Life, Friends of Mineral Town, and Save the Homeland. All three have good qualities that make them really good to play, and each one's really different. My favorite still has to be A Wonderful Life. Good graphics, story, and gameplay. Save the Homeland doesn't let you get married, Friends of Mineral Town is a little teddious with the small rucksack like in the snes version.. but A Wonderful Life doesn't make you rush. It slows things down.

What's everyone else's opinion on the three?
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SKDJHFLAKJSDHF [03 Jan 2005|09:06pm]

[ mood | angry ]

omfg i am soooo ticked.ive been waiting for a really long time, and i finally got HM64 today(ebay) and i was soooo happy but when i went to play it, it didnt work and now i have to wait again and it looks so fun and i must play it!!!!!! :(

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should i? [13 Dec 2004|08:11pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

hey its emily again. i was wondering if i should by harvest moon 64. i read a billion FAQS on it and it looks awesome but i need someones opinion (preferably someone who has the game...) is it good or no? the only one i have is STH, and it is pretty good. except for that you dont have festivals which annoys me >:(. well anyways, i just needed an opinion. well actually, i also wanted to see if anyone recommends any other HM games. but i only have a PS2 and nintendo. i dont know if they made any other hm games for playstation 2... so i dont know..
i just really want to get another HM game.
im sick of playing STH all the time..

thanks people


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